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High Tunnel Workshop Presenations

June 28, 2011

Bill Evans, MSU, talking about high tunnel vegetable production.

We had a great turnout and lots of good interaction at the high tunnel workshop in Hope last Friday.  Here are the links to the presentations. Elena Garcia gave an overview on thepotential for high tunnels and presented preliminary results from her high tunnel strawberry research. Christopher Vincent talked about high tunnel construction. Bill Evans from Mississippi State University talked on high tunnel vegetable production and economics. Kelly Carney from North Pulaski Farms talked about his experiences growing in high tunnels however I don’t have his presentation. You can look at his website or find him at the Argenta Farmers’ Market.  John Lee from NRCS talked about their high tunnel cost sharing program. And Donn Johnson talked about pest management.  Look for more trainings like this in the future – we are planning on doing more!

Christopher Vincent talking about the elements of high tunnel construction.


As a side note, Randy Jackson, one of the participants at the workshop, called Haygrove and found out they are running a special on their Solo model this summer. It’s 28 x 200′ and 9′ tall at the center; has 2′ side walls and vents up to 7′. Normally it sells for  $7200 but they are selling them for $6000 and if you buy another one (or go in with someone) they will sell them for $11,000 for the two — a great deal for two Haygroves.

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