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Arkansas Agritourism

July 20, 2011

Agritourism is becoming popular marketing option for Arkansas farmers as consumers seek a connection to their food system or just want to have a farm experience like they did when visited their grandparents farm when they were young.  Regardless of the motivation – it’s good to get people out to the farm.  For many of the school kids that visit farms, this is their only exposure to see that pumpkins are grown on a vine or that chickens (and their eggs) come in other colors besides white.

The Arkansas Agritourism Initiative  is organizing the Arkansas Agritourism Conference, that will be held on August 18-19, 2011 in Little Rock at the Holiday Inn Airport Conference Center. The conference will cover marketing, media and promoting the farm as well as the business side of things like insurance, liability and other legal issues.  To find more information about the conference or to register, follow this link.  If you have questions about the conference, contact Aly Signorelli, at 501-671-2072, or The AR SARE program has a limited amount of money for travel to the conference, so if you are interested in attending, let me know soon.

Several resources have also been developed recently to support agritourism. The Arkansas Agriculture Department and the Arkansas Department of Human Services collaborated on a guide for Arkansas Farmers’ Markets.

This past winter, the National Ag Law Center released a guide for laws affecting direct farm business in Arkansas.

For those of you looking for a list of agritourism places to visit,  or has a searchable list of places to visit around the state.

Here is the UACES site on agritourism, and the National Ag Law Center reading room on Agritourism.

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